Ceramic Coating

The latest innovation used to protect interior and exterior surfaces from common blemish causing materials.

Ceramic Coatings form a covalent bond that is hydrophobic in nature and form a nano-ceramic shield above the vehicle's clear coat that lasts for years to come.

About Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is a substance that once cured, forms a hardened shell-like layer over your vehicles surface, protecting the original factory paint from the harsh environmental elements. The coating will form a semi-permanent bond with the factory paint system to become a sacrificial layer of protection that will not delaminate or discolor. This bonding process will also strengthen the vehicle’s paint system to provide higher surface tension, longevity, and superior durability to the existing surface.

Typically, waxes or paint sealants last a few weeks to a few months as they break down in a short period of time, often needing reapplication. Ceramic coatings last’s for years allowing your life to become easier with maintaining and protecting your vehicle. The durability of a ceramic coating will deliver the best paint protection that the car care market has to offer and also provides guarantee options for those who want a piece of mind in their vehicle investment.

Signature Auto Detail Hawaii, LLC is both trained and certified to be authorized installers with numerous professional grade ceramic coating companies. Currently, we offer coatings that are formulated to last 1, 2, 3, and 5 years+ with proper maintenance.

Each paint coating service we offer is listed on CarFax and backed with a third-party warranty that guarantees performance for the lifetime of the coating. Every ceramic coating service also includes a free maintenance wash bucket filled with the essential wash/dry products and chemicals to keep your vehicle looking it’s best year-round ($125 Retail Value). A complimentary wash 7-14 days post installation is also offered to check the performance of the coating and to answer any questions you may have regarding the maintenance. During this time, we will be demonstrating the proper ways to wash and dry your vehicle. Here at Signature Auto Detail Hawaii, LLC we care about you, our clients, and really set you up for success once the coating is applied!

Call us today and we’ll be more than happy to go over your coating options with you! Pricing is subject to the condition of your vehicles paint at time of free inspection, the amount of paint correction preferred, and the durability of the coating selected.

Ceramic Coating Features & Benefits:

Why Choose Us for Your Coating Needs:


Protective coatings are a viable option for surfaces such as paint, vinyl, paint protection film, glass, wheels, headlights, leather, and fabric.  

Although ceramic coatings can prevent against minor scratches, it does not provide adequate protection from rock chips. Due to the force, speed and unique dimensions of rock chips and road projectiles, they can damage the ceramic coat and create damage in the factory clear coat.

A frequently asked question we receive is “Does ceramic coatings protect against scratching”? The answer to this question lies somewhere in a gray area. Although ceramic coatings assist in providing defense against minor and superficial scratches, it does not guarantee or protect against more severe, deeper scratches.

For example, if an individual keyed a ceramic coated protected surface, the surface would be negatively impacted and show the impact and exposure of damage. However, compared to a non-ceramic coated vehicle, the coated paint will still be less damaged than its non-protected counterpart.

Ceramic coatings can protect against minor scratches, but larger and deeper scratches can penetrate the coating. If your vehicle has experienced severe scratching, please contact us and we can figure out a way to safely resolve your issue.

Water spots and the added environmental contaminants that penetrate the rainwater are difficult to remove from any surface. The high amount of calcium builds up and leads to unsightly water spots that unfortunately cannot be prevented even with the application of ceramic coatings. We see this quite often due to the acid rain that we are exposed to and the high amounts of calcium and minerals found in our tap water.

Since water spots generally take time to accumulate on a given surface, we have several alternative methods that can assist an owner of a ceramic coated car in mitigating damage from water spots.

Wash your vehicle on a regular basis – Regular maintenance helps alleviate environmental contaminants and buildup from etching the coating of a vehicle. By washing a vehicle on a regular schedule, you can help resist damage from water spots.

Avoid parking next to sprinklers and running water – Have you ever parked a vehicle outside only to realize that the hard water and calcium from sprinkler heads have caused damage to the surface of a vehicle? Parking next to sprinklers can lead to unsightly and costly water damage. These vehicles that have been exposed to hard water, especially over longer periods of time, tend to end up having paint correction services to remove etching and restore the previous luster.

Ceramic coatings are not a viable option in preventing larger dings or dents. Due to the sheer force of impact, oftentimes dents form even on the strongest level of protection. If a vehicle is ceramic coated and is involved in a fender bender or worse, odds are there will be significant damage done to portions of the vehicle.
However, we have seen ceramic coated vehicles involved in accidents (minor and major) and many of the ceramic coated vehicles have exchanged far less paint compared to their unprotected counterpart. Although the minimal amount of paint swapping is a nice benefit, ceramic coatings do not transform the surface of a vehicle into an indestructible tank.

Yes – you absolutely need to maintain a ceramic coated vehicle. The amount of time spent maintaining a ceramic coated vehicle, versus a non-ceramic coated vehicle, requires far less time than the unprotected vehicle. The reduction in elbow grease allows vehicles to look great without long hours attending to the coating. However, it is still highly-important to regularly maintain protected surfaces.

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